When reason was the dominating force
And passion was the submissive one,
When the mind controlled all the actions,
A careful plan, a careful execution,
The perseverance to fulfill it
But sometimes not,
Man had his world and animals had theirs.
Man, built of skin and bones and pride,
Of intellect, discernment, and envy,
Of instinct intellectualized and confined,
A man above all animals and creatures,
Driven by the force of reason,
Lived according to his cerebral plan.
Love with its mystical powers,
Its hypnotic eyes that cast a spell,
Its allurement into a world of beauty,
Its sensation that substantiates it,
Its undermining of the cerebral world
And impulsive conversion
To a reckless world,
With hands that encircle the ego
While making it irrelevant and pliable,
Its exaltation of the spirit
And the devaluation of pride,
Its laws that rule the animal world
And state that instinct is the
Heart of nature and the blood of life,
The propagation of the species,
The passion of the bestial urge,
The fire that burns to its resurrection,
The irrelevance of the intellect,
And the losing of the self,
Stands above the power of reason.
An ode to the power of love
And to the world of beauty.

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Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

Thanx Nelson. I love your comments.

Nelson D Reyes
about 2 years

There is love and beauty in the power of acceptance.

Thanks Robert. Like.

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