The Freshening
When the seasons hath laid their mantles
On hillside’s dreary faces up north
Gone to prayer with frantic prattles
Time to quell the rage marching forth
As zephyrs move in with sympathetic eyes
And winter’s teeth grown old and gray
Time for a freshening with warm lullabies
A song to springtime with nature at play
Roust you from thy cave, go out and about
To the meadows that you left behind
Trees are blooming and gardens sprout
What a glorious site you will find
With the hills covered with green emeralds  
And Mother Nature in her finest wear
She sits alone, atop her proud pedestals
Waving banners up into the air
Her freshening comes about just in time
For her journey to begin a steady climb
Through the years as seasons take form
With pangs of winter losing to the warm

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Robert L. Martin
presque 5 ans

Thanks Levi. Your comment means a lot to me.

Levi Carter
presque 5 ans

This is a true piece of art. While reading this it put me in a sincere beautiful picture of spring.

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