The snows of winter have come and gone.
Enough is enough of that tired old song,
That whistling through the empty branches,
As if dreams stood still in their frozen trances.
Summer is that freshening of the spirit again,
The same as last year on an upward trend.
We look to a new day with the greening ahead,
As life comes to life and winter goes to bed.
A new vista appears before our very eyes
As a vibrant green shimmers before the skies,
Life all dressed up in its summer’s best,
Snuggled in the warmth of nature’s breast.
Welcome home again, summertime.

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Nelson D Reyes
circa 2 anni

Chocolate milkshake please, yes cream and cherry.

Ah...”...your Mama’s good lookin’...”

Thanks Robert. Like.

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Nelson D Reyes

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