The Aimless One
He walks with his back to the wind
Blowing him along easy currents and dead ends
Whistling sarcastic songs to his deaf ears
Mocking him as he sits upon the same rock
Boredom moves through him like a stale virus
His rusty mind sits still as time moves on ahead
He plans for the present with no future in mind
With his senses waiting for the next command
Ambition is for those who have a plan
For those willing to put something into life
As life gives back to those who give unto it
For those who move as a plan prescribes
If through thickets and thorns he must go
He must follow his dreams no matter what
Struggling motivates and purifies a man’s heart
As he marches in majesty toward his goal
Rewards comes to the deserved
Not to the aimless one with no ambition

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