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The Life of Life

The Life of Life  
I see colors and shapes
Dancing in space
I see soft lines
Moving through valleys
I see mountains crying
And orchards singing
I see oceans bubbling over
I see the night kissing the dawn
I see the color of the abyss
I see atoms dancing
I see the other side of walls
I see squares sliding out of circles
I see mathematics turning to liquid
I see the sun laughing
I see lambs climbing
Out of volcanoes
I see giants pulling music
Through narrow openings
I see the moon talking
I see voices in the tulips
I see the snow dancing with fire
I see the trees weeping
I see heaven moving
Through the branches
I see tear drops in the poems
I see poets losing their wings
And can’t get off the ground
I see fantasy with its
Feet stuck in cement
I see life being
Stripped of its ornaments
I see the skies emptied out
Of tears and laughter
I see the end

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