The Nuptial

Sky and waters, angels and beasts,
sky thickened, tempest anxious,
glassy seas beneath the siting,
black angels pacing, swooping down,
fingers flailing, searching, craving,
touching the skin of the waters,
the creamy foams that ride upon them,
smelling the flowers at the courtyard,
arriving at the gate to the hell below,
the graveyard of the seafarers,
losing itself in the Palace of Hades,
the wrinkled bed sheets of Babylonia,
cleaning off the stains of the whores,
shedding the evil with magnetic voices
and tongues dipped in honey
that called his name from the sea,
rising to the surface with a new body,
with a tail that can push the waves away,
a heart that leads him to the divine,
to the angel left behind at his falling,
the pure, the white, the clean, the holy,
the spirit made flesh and exotic,
the smell of the Holy Garden in his nostrils,
the feel of angel’s skin to the
delight of the risen sea beast,
the thrill of bodily contact,
the spiraling tail around her torso,
the lovely love and reckless passion,
the coming back into the calm,
the love taken to a higher love,
a love betrothed, a pledge undertaken,
the nuptial of the angel and the beast,
a calming down of the high seas,
the passage way of the ships smoothed over,
heaven and earth and sea united,
peace on earth, peace on earth– -– -

This is my interpretation of the painting that Messie put on Facebook for me to see. I called it "The Nuptial."

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