The Passage

The passage of life into a life,
from the ordinary
to the extraordinary,
the commonplace into dreams,
the deep beneath the facade,
the waters beneath the waters,
the spiritual beneath the physical,
it’s weightless arms reaching out
and touching with its soft fingers,
it’s hallowed skin against the skin,
it’s lungs purified by the abyss,
breathing pure air into the pores,
a new breath to replace the old,
a resurrection of
the apprehensive heart,
a new home to be called home,
a shrouded paradise
drawn up by the sages
and proven in times of death,
a looking into the eternal future,
of life passing into life,
of specter dust blowing away,
of the eternal mystery unfolding
and relieving the fearful spirit,
the painless pain,
the messaging of the nerves
by sacred hands
in a sacred place
called heaven.

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