The Permeation
Spilling into the empty silence as love goes
On its wild journey into spaces unknown
It leaps over hills and valleys
Then settles into the pits of the forsaken
Wayward tears flood the sand of the soul
Building castles to the sanctity of love
And to the wildness that stirs the loins
As passion answers to the call of nature
Love is a blending of an infernal sweetness
A perfume that calls unto the slaves of love
“Hark, I come with my tentacles reaching out.”
Witches brew up a mystifying potion
And devils dance into the arms of angels
As love works its magic and brings
The enchanted to the feet of the beloved
Riding on the wings of love possessed
Oh beautiful nature, I thank you for you
I have called thy name in the wilderness
I have heard the language of the birds
I have followed your streams to the end
I have hiked your trails for many years
I have reached the summit and found the sky
But parts of me still yearn
For your magic touch
That permeation that floods
And awakens the silence
That cries in the darkness of my soul

As featured in "Long Story Short" magazine

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Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

There is a poem I liked recently called, "Melodic Paradise" that was selected for publication in an anthology book in "New Delhi, India." It's almost as good as one of yours.

Robert L. Martin
over 1 year

It makes me feel wonderful when you read my poetry, Catherine. You give my inspiration to keep writing.

over 1 year

sorry for typos...favorited** im sure there are more.

over 1 year

well...thats two ive favortied of your tonight...omg im sad ive missed all these..i love it..your poems have changed a little...they are just as great as theyve always been but your moving into other content it seems...or maybe i just see it like that...but yea...gosh..i love this..
"But parts of me still yearn
For your magic touch
That permeation that floods
And awakens the silence
That cries in the darkness of my soul"

omg..this just got me...everything flows great...i was telling another about my personal checklist when reading a poem...and a few are every line relevant? are there any words that seem dull and useless to the poem...and another is idk...flow and rhythm...and i check all of them off...great poem robert!
i love it...favorite...of course im not ever surprised when i favorite one of yours...but i feel since ive been gone so long from site...youve gotten even better!

Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
over 4 years

What a beautiful haunting essay about life and longing. Enjoyed reading it.

Parker Jennings
over 4 years

What a beautiful word- Permeation. Excellent poem as well

over 4 years


over 4 years


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