The Deficient Debutante

She laughed with her friends, but only a half hearted laugh.  The other half was in control of her emotions for fear of exposing her inner self, that joyful or sad self that suffers from her own chastisement.
It is improper to laugh or cry with fullness of heart.  That would be grounds for  gossip, that incriminating evil, to spread.  That beautiful young innocent virgin all of a sudden, could have turned into a raving lunatic if she couldn’t control her emotions, according to those who are moved by gossip.
There she was at the ball that was prepared in honor of her.  Her smile was manufactured by fairy tales that dictated her demeanor to her.  Her sad eyes told a story of how she missed out on not fully expressing her feelings throughout her proper life.
The poor rich debutante.  Life had been kind to her, for she had been born into wealth, a life sought after by those who only see it as ease and happiness.  They don’t see her pent up emotions pleading to be let out, or the sad eyes in back of that manufactured smile.  She must live her proper life deficient of pure emotion
that must remain in her being for the rest of her life.

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