The Renaissance

Hail to the Renaissance Man,
The persistent pioneer!
Who defied mainstream’s influence,
Who was unaffected by its music,
Who couldn’t be uplifted by it,
Who saw it as a mechanical pleasure,
Who separated artistry from popularity,
Who chose artistry to lead him on,
Who drew up his own boundaries,
Who needed something else for his fulfillment,
Who had an empty feeling in his heart,
Who got it through mainstream’s music,
Who could but wouldn’t work with it,
Who couldn’t degrade himself enough,
Who’s dignity wouldn’t let him do it,
Who’s knowledge had to interact with it,
Who declared that music needs a change,
Who had a clear vision to fulfill,
Who labored to make his vision a reality,
Who never let his time go to waste,
Who sacrificed instant gratification,
Who held out to wait for it to come,
Who was willing to make an avowal,
Who suffered through his commitment,
Who sacrificed money for self-satisfaction,
Who was unaffected by majority’s judgment,
Who saw it as a sort of jealousy,
Who could sense his estrangement working,
Who saw artistry as a separate unity,
Who saw it pulling away from mainstream,
Who could feel it blossoming in his heart,
Who made himself stronger because of it,
Who forfeited the desire for instant pleasure,
And prolonged his quest to earn
His own self-approval.
Thank God for the Renaissance Man.
Thank God for the advancement
Of music and culture.

Thank God for Bach, Debussy, Revel, Bill Evans, Eric Whitaker, and many other Renaissance People who should be famous.

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