The Revival

The revival of love
once bestowed in the hearts
of the devoted,
the teachers with the seed
still growing in their being,
after years of longing
for the blossoming to
spread again in the mind,
seeking it’s revival
from the prisons of age,
to ride upon the wings
of knowledge and seek
it’s worthy recipients again,
the students of the new order
with curiosity streaming
from their absorbent minds,
ready for his wisdom to enter
and lead them to the
place they want to be;
where their dreams
told them about,
they arrive at the
gates of their desires
with the passion of his love
leading them through dark
corridors with its fiery torches,
instilling the love from
his heart into their hearts,
his faith into their faith,
his wisdom into their lives,
his understanding
into their minds
through the passion and
dedication to his
love of teaching
that lingered in his heart
throughout his idle years.

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