The whole wide world.
a big ball of water, sand, earth,
spinning in the universe
with inhabitants glued to the surface
left on their own to survive,
eating berries off the trees
and meat from the hunt,
looking deep down in their hearts
and finding a solution
to their selfishness,
feeling a warmth in their hearts when
they practice generosity and charity,
a special grace bestowed by God
with a conscience to honor it,
a common demeanor shared by all,
a philosophy that became a religion,
a religion broken into different beliefs,
then a war to uphold their beliefs,
a gradual shrinking of the one big world,
the carving off from the
universal oneness demeanor,
creating a new world to choose to live in,
a religion suitable to the liking,
then the exploitation of it by people with loud voices,
the further shrinking of it and
finding a new world to live in,
then the living in it to feel the warmth
of charity and generosity
in our hearts again
and keeping it as a pleasureful asset
that keeps us in line with morality in
our own world shrunken down from
what the rest of it became.

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