Museum of lofted elegance in space
Formed by the sun and clouds in haste
Paintings hung on the walls of the firmament
Filling the skies as a sacred enlightenment
Works assembled for the poetic eyes
Of beauty portrayed as beauty lies
Morning’s brightness peeking through
Skies of black and pink and blue
A canvas suspended above the mighty earth
Erected by mystic hands to now from birth
Colors arrayed in a dreamy sequence
From a mind beyond artistic excellence
A poetic drifting of the mind and body
An exotic feeling of joy and melancholy
An intensive pleasure in the heart and soul
A feeling of the inner self in control
A truth that beauty has an influential voice
That speaks in the spirit as the heavens rejoice
Museums of the skies in thy poetic splendor
Come forth to my eyes I to thee surrender
Myself of skin and bones and earthly mind
To thy face and everything that lies behind

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