The tides of anxiety as if
the flowing was immobile,
as if it was a wave
glued to the sandy shore,
when time was a standstill horror,
a knife lodged in the joyful heart,
the pain of a never-ending sorrow,
a time when death was a paradise,
an easy way out of the misery,
a weight that will never be lifted,
the immobility of time
stuck in the dreaded present
never to move forward to the light,
future’s heroic rescue mission,
an ebb tide rolling back to the sea,
back into the calm again
with spirits on the mend and
the restoration of hope
forming in the hearts and minds.
Alas the subduing of anxiety
of fear losing its grip,
the rolling back into the calm,
the future starting up again,
its legs gathering strength,
its eyes opening up
and seeing the path up ahead
and how it flows with the ebb tide,
the way it drifts back to the sea
with an invitation to flow with it
and not rush to get back to normal,
but in sync with its natural course,
a natural rolling
with the tides of time,
the restoration of joy
and a trust in future’s evolution.

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