Privacy in the Open

Clandestine reflections
locked up in heavy vaults
engulfed in layers of dust,
looking for an outlet
through loneliness
and sagacious thoughts,
of genius kept under wraps,
smothered by the lack of air,
poets with egos ready to burst
upon empty parchments,
searching for open spaces
to break loose
and fly with the winds,
alas the open door
where privacy grows wings,
where secrets can pass through
and race with the rising sun,
feel its heated eyes
and ride upon the nervous clouds
with the lightning
blazing the way,
make up stories of the tempest,
glorify the danger and
feel the texture of the rainbows,
then sink into the horizon
on the back of the setting sun.
A new feeling, a new light,
a new world, a new poem.

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