The Tears of Justice

Our noble lady of justice sits at the river that divides man’s dreams with his conscience, with tears streaming down her cheeks as she ponders over what went wrong with fellow man.
The chain that binds fraternal integrity with the aspirations of mankind has been weakened from its grip.  It can’t keep all the ingredients of righteousness   together to create a harmony in brotherhood.
External justice that relies on punishment has placed shackles around the ankles instead of man himself binding his own spirit that wanders upon the wind.  The spirit of brotherhood has died in his heart and given him permission to prey upon his brother’s vulnerability.
External justice is man-made; whereas, internal deep seated justice is implanted by God and his divine commandments.  Conscience emerges as the high priest that oversees all earthly thoughts and deeds.  The more influence it has decreases the desire to stray from these internal laws that the conscience mandates.  Until these laws have no need to be enforced anymore, the soul has purified itself and man has been placed closer to being his God-self.
Internal justice is resolute and divine.  External justice is a strong arm that punishes man for what he can’t do to himself, or refuses to do.
Our lady of justice dreams about a future where conscience has taken over the need to establish a judicial system; where treaties of amity and companionship were in force.
Why should she stop dreaming?

From my book entitled, "In Reverence to Life."

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