The Tie That Binds

The tie that binds with longing bridges,
Bound together with sacred hinges,
Spanning over memories of sordid pain,
Times of weakness and times of shame,
Souls need souls to share a secret,
A painful festering or a past regret.
Who on this earth has none to tell,
Of stories written from the pits of hell?
That climb in to weaken the spirit,
With its deadly venom flowing near it?
Trapped inside with no air to breathe,
It just lies inside to fester and seethe.
Fellowship comes about with its keenly ears,
As loneliness cries out and sympathy appears,
With mutual sharing and stories to reveal,
With wounded spirits to come forth and heal.
Thank God for someone out there to listen.
The tie that binds is fellowship on a mission,
So let the healing begin before it’s too late.
I got inspired to write this from a sermon I heard by Pastor John at church last Sunday morning.

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