The Transcended

It was a dreary day in the little village by the river.  Doom was written in the ugly gray clouds that shrouded the mountain peaks.  The cold mist was circling about, and the wind was digging into the bones of the villagers with its razor teeth, and sending a chill up their spines.  Death was in the air as I lay there on my deathbed about to meet my maker.  The cancer had taken up residence in my body as I lay there in agony.  The pain killers had worn off and left me pleading for my life to end.  My relatives were sobbing as they had gathered around my bed.
Then at 5:36 PM, I breathed my final breath.  At last I was free.  I looked down and saw myself lying on the bed amongst the mourners. Then I saw a bright light as I floated out of the room.  I was curious to find out where it came from.  As I ascended to the skies, I could see things that weren’t there before.  That seemingly emptiness in space was a busy thoroughfare with spirits and humanity floating across the firmament.  Voices that sounded like sweet music were filling the air.  Angels were by my side, guiding me along the way.  The dread of death was no dread at all.

I saw a Hindu man floating.  I asked him if we were going to heaven, and he said in his native tongue, which I could understand.  “I am just a spirit in transition, looking for a new birth.  I learned from the Bhagavad-Gita that I will be reincarnated upon my death.  My salvation will come soon and I will be absorbed with Brahman.   I could understand the Hindu language, as I could see and understand everything in this new environment that I’m in.  I could talk to a bird that told me it will go into a horse’s body. There are no conflicts of beliefs here, because everyone is rewarded by his dedication to his own belief.

I met a Muslim on the way.  He told me he was ready to go into his eternal paradise from what the Koran had taught him.  He was rewarded for his dedication to his faith.  He will be resurrected shortly.  The Jewish man told me he will be physically resurrected and will live forever with God.  I met a Buddhist that told me that he has achieved Nirvana and has no desire to go anywhere else.

I thought that my restlessness would cause me to become bored and lonely, but the joy of pure love replaced any anxiety that I would feel.  I thought that heaven would become too common-place and that I would want to be somewhere else, but love and God made me contented with where I am.  Boredom is only for those dissatisfied with themselves.  They always think that another environment would be more suitable, but contentment is only a place in the heart.

Dear Lord, when it is time for me to go, please do not change your plan for me.  I am completely in your custody.  Do to me what you will.

How could the afterlife favor only one religion? God is too kind to let that happen

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