Behind lines of steel and granite,
Ne’er to be seen, heard, or revealed
Like the secret of the ocean floor,
The floating truth entombed in the weeds,
In comfort, security, and contentment,
The weakened self moving with the tides,
Floating supremacy and noble dreams,
Erected with paper and plastic beams
With neon lights and glossy roofs,
Hiding behind walls about to crumble,
The truth inside the man made truth,
The real self washing up upon the shore,
Fantasies exposed to the true air,
High-esteem evaporating with the foam,
Trying to pick up the pieces
And rebuild another fantasy,
Another supremacy,
Another contentment,
Another home away from home,
Away from people in the know,
People who can look inside the windows
And see a little boy
Too scared to venture outside
The wall of his plastic home.

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Robert L. Martin
10 meses

Very good analogy. Thanx

Nelson D Reyes
10 meses

Barriers to social interactions are a sad commentary to man’s humanity to man. Love a primal congenital embedded part of our being always serves up compassion in many different ways.
Like. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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