White down under the cliffs of gray
Where yellow fields of daffodils once lay,
I sit atop my skyline perch and ponder.
How far is earth from heaven up yonder?
Or is heaven in the beauty of the snow,
In the artistry of the sunrise in the glow?
Inspiration comes to climbers at the summit,
To see where winter’s snows hath plummet,
As the clouds give in to the frigid air
And blanket the ground with ceremonial flair.
They whiten the earth with heaven’s sequins,
Falling gracefully amongst the winter winds.
Oh the beauty of the fallen snow.

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Robert L. Martin
8 meses

Thanx Nelson. This one was also for the "Belt and Beyond."

Nelson D Reyes
8 meses

My first snow in DC on a Thanksgiving Day a million flakes ago.
Like. Thanks Robert.

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