The Wanderer

Over jagged mountain peaks he climbed.  Through thick jungle brush he plodded.
In luxurious palaces he slept; but all these places were only a temporary visit, for his soul keeps searching for better places to set his mind at ease.  It was still divided by what he is satisfied with and what he thinks he needs even more than that.  There is no home for the wandering spirit.
His stable spirit bids him to stay at home so to be at peace with himself.  It speaks to the gypsy in him.  “Far-away places are no better because they are far-away.  Although distant shores glisten in the sunlight, that same glistening also enhances your own shores for them to gaze at with envy, such as you who envy them.  Your own enhancement is also home to you.”
Appearances are enticing.  Curiosity is motivational.  Reaction is disrupting.  Stability becomes shaken as restlessness settles in, as the spirit announces that there are better places to be.
These places remain steadfast until they lose their appeal.  The soul comes to rest for a time, but still is always searching.
It the wanderer in you is satisfied with wandering, then these new places become plateaus, a launching pad to build the intellect. Then home becomes unstable because its satisfaction is in its searching.
If the wanderer in you looks for a better place to call home, you’ll never find it.  Contentment is a place for the soul to rest; not a place for the soul to run after.

From my book entitled. "A Sage's Diary.'"

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roy  k  austin
about 7 years

Interesting read- I find the wandering albatross tells me that man should be a light to his own mind,facing the oceans of his own.Of course this is what j krishnamurti would say.


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