The Phantom Pillar

Muhammad was believed to have been born in 620 A.D.  in Mecca into the dominant tribe called Koreish.  He developed a distaste for the idolatry of the Bedouin.  He loved to wander through the hills.  One day Gabriel, the archangel, appeared to him in a vision and cried, “Recite.”  
After encountering many visions of the same kind, Muhammad became convinced that he was the Prophet of Allah.  He was eventually driven out of Mecca by its angry residents (idol worshipers), and settled in Yathrib, 220 miles to the north.
The Qeran (Koran) was later written from the inspired words of Gabriel and became the Bible of Islam.  The five pillars are;  (1). Allah is the one and only God and Muhammad is his prophet.  (2).  Pray five times daily facing Mecca.  (3).  Give alms to the needy.  (4).  Fast during Ramadan and  (5).  Make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime.  Then somehow, a sixth pillar was instituted, but by whom?  It stated that anyone who didn’t convert to Islam would be punished.  Is that the pillar that gave the terrorists the right to attack the World Trade Center Buildings on that fateful day of 9/11/01?  
How could the first five pillars be about love and charity, then the sixth about hatred and aggression?  Could it have been the words dreamed up by the extremists to make righteous their evil intentions?  Could have extremism led to terrorism, or was it just blind hatred that crept through the masses, religious and secular?
Could a clear benevolent awareness of Allah be the end of terrorism, or are they too isolated from religion that it doesn’t matter to them at all?  Could there ever be a peaceful end to terrorism?  Can religion ever recapture and maintain its sovereignty with its devotion to the love of God?  It seems to me that it has become too pliant and suited for mankind’s desires.

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