Long Shadows
Long shadows spell winter’s bound
Into a cool night brings autumn ‘round
Go to sleep precious days of warming
Never to feel how winter’s forming
No longer can I kiss the days of summer
Passion’s cooled down to a big deep slumber
Frozen lakes dot the shivering meadow
From high in the sky I see down below
A blanket of white punishes our sad earth
Joy is forgotten, and so its lively mirth
A dirge to the lamentation of winter-tide
Like a song sung to a forsaken bride
Good-by sun, good-by orchards, good-by gardens
Nature is saturated with eternal pardons
Don’t cry, for spring is around the bend
Lift your head up, for your spirit’s on the mend
Your sorrow only lasts for a moment in time

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Mark R. Vogel
almost 7 years

Very nice. Captures the inevtible feeling of sadness that winter instills.


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