Time Slowed Down
He had all the time in the world
He could see clearly all his receivers
Which ones could get open
Which ones to throw to
Plenty of time to read the defense
Since time slowed down, it came so easy
The game was handed to him at will
It was served alright on a silver platter
He could sit back and have so much fun
Doesn’t he wish it could be like that?
Criticizing decisions, inflating their egos
“Tis the football analyst’s delight
The game is so easy when they’re not there
Out on the field, things are much different
Time moves so fast, no time to ponder
Get the snap, drop back, read the defense
Spot the receivers, avoid the rush,
Find the check down man,
Should he pass, hand it off, scramble,
Or tuck it in and run?
All in almost no time at all
Not so easy to do, huh, Mr. Critic?

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