The foot of the leg of the body
The foot under the soil of the earth
The stubborn oak tree
The entrenchment in the steadfast ground
The roots on the way to the core
The heart and guts of the earth
The iron truth of the nature of man
The immunity from any alterations
The sanctions from the Biblical Garden
The history of mankind
The birth of the beast and the lamb
The seeds of passion implanted
The loves and hates forming
The blossoming of the ego
The permanence of the self in place
The moving toward independence
But still the clinging on to
Biblical Garden sanctions
The living under their authority
The power of their influence
With a futile attempt to lose them
But the submission of the self to them
The acceptance of their inborn laws
And the resignation of the self to them
The natural resistance to anyone
who tries to change the
nature of mankind
the cerebral thinkers
the law makers
the rebels
the protesters
and the rioters
who think they
can but never will

How on Earth are the protesters going to change the nature of man?

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