To Hell with Hell

To Hell with Hell

As celestial bodies sustain themselves
As snow white waves lay their
Souls upon the shores, euphoria
Embraces agony and kisses the
Residue of forsaken tears

Hell, that receptacle for collecting
Futile dreams of wayward souls
Mingles with heavenly spirits
With muscles flexed and hungry eyes
Invasions repeat like waves
In their steady grinding as if life
Knew the future of life while perseverance
Keeps silent from its dying destiny

Hell is a schoolboy bent on
Tackling unreachable odds
Bleeding upon the proud sand, casting its
Shadows to the sea, like fishermen
Drawing back their empty nets.

Heaven, always a mighty warrior
Keeps her place in the skies
Smiling at the futility of hell, that
Conniving ghost that haunts the
Castles of virtue, shaking the pillars
While it runs out of strength

High above the highest mount, the temple of morality glistens in the sun as its defiant voices echo through the valleys.
Humanity smiles at humanity and wipes away its tears while the future sails into the future.  Dreams of Utopia forever enlighten the spirits of fellow man who uses its dreams as hope for a better world.  Hell has no place on earth as mankind looks toward the sky to match intelligence with eternal secrets, the altar in his soul, home to insanity’s calming.
When man becomes man, he rises above and avows to himself.  “I am the cornerstone of creation.  I am inching closer to my  God-self, the complete one that I can be.”

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