Tempest furor and skies bleeding oceans
Mother Nature concocting rebellious potions
Black clouds touching jagged mountain peaks
The angry skies at war as the thunder speaks
Sermons on the mount as nature curses the devil
Rising out of hell ascending up to heaven’s level
As the mighty stands above the crowd to be heard
A hush among the boisterous, the calming word
“Blue in the sky full of rainbows in their floating,
Now cover the firmament with a sumptuous coating,
Of red velvet tapestries with blue and yellow gold.
Beauty is hanging out in space to unfold.
Climb up and touch her smooth, electric surface
And feel the splendor that nature left on purpose.
As tempests climb into the sky and come to be,
They shed their fury and then go out and leave.
Mother Nature is a lady of sincere restitutions,
Her torturous pounding with quiet evolutions,
Her tumultuous cursing but mellow skies,
Her turbulent voices but yet melodious sighs,
Her ominous clouds but rainbowed aftermath,
Her speaking through the tempest’s wrath,
“Come and touch the rainbow
And feel the rites of the skies,
As they dance with the devil
Then kiss the hand of heaven.”

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