I need a vacation from the daily grind,
And leave all the commotion way behind,
Bosses yelling, weather steaming,
Dogs barking, children screaming,
Fence needs fixing, grass too high,
Too much anxiety for the month of July.
Way out in the woods away from it all,
Where mosquitoes bite and rattlers crawl,
Children still scream and dogs still bark.
Commotion abounds wherever thou art.
Gotta get some peace and relaxation.
“Tis so peaceful back at the office,
Back here at the daily grind.

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Robert L. Martin
6 mesi

Taking a vacation from a vacation. I took one once and couldn't wait to get back.

Nelson D Reyes
6 mesi


That’s about what’s out there. You go on vacation first thing you do is buy your grocery in a strange location hundreds of miles away from where you usually get your grocery, across the street from home. Hah!

That “man cave” office has been around since man walked out of Africa.
Safe haven, a refuge where you can have your hot coffee, share it and drink it too.

Thanks Robert. Like.

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Nelson D Reyes

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