Voice of the music

Enveloped by the sound of music
With arms that cast me
Into an exotic paradise
And planted a seed
That blossomed in my imagination
With carefree melodies that
Led me into the wilds
As the harmony ran
Up and down my spine
And lingered in my spirit
At the hands the music beast
That stripped me naked
And took me into the jungle
As I ran with the lions
With the courage of a warrior
And the heart of a troubadour
Reaching down into my soul
And communing with the spirit
The voice of heaven
And the horn of the Gods
Sounding in the ear of my heart
Giving me words that I
Never knew I had and never dreamed
Words from the archives of the mind
Released into the flow of the music
Words in rhythm with the spirit
The pulsating sound of beauty
The embodiment of beauty
The wine of beauty
The verbalization of beauty
The wonderment of creation
From the magic of the music
The acknowledgment of its power
The obedience to its command
The pleasure of the obedience
The avenue to the pleasure
The words traveled along the way
The poem that was given to me
From the voice of the music

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