The Culturalization

Where there is no place to look up to,
As if heaven was a vast wasteland,
An abyss alone in the darkness,
The only place to go to,
The only place that comforts the mind,
That sees nothing other than itself,
That is blind to a higher
Spiritual consciousness,
Where earthly thoughts and dreams
Go no higher than what they are,
Where culture cannot be seen,
Heard, or understood,
Where what is only seen is acceptable,
Where culture is an island too far away
With its own God that lives there,
Leaving a spiritual void in the soul,
Leaving enough room for self awareness,
The realization that you need
A better place to be
And to dream a new type of dream,
The kind that lifts up the self-esteem,
That defines what excellence is,
That shows you how to achieve it,
That gladdens your heart
For each step taken,
That praises you for what you have done
And how you have culturalized yourself,
And the contributions you have made
To keep culture alive and flourishing,
‘Tis where the master has been
And where he moved on to.

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