Voices in Hiding

Up high beyond the world
of terrestrial thought,
free from linear delineations,
hidden in dreams and meditations,
a look into divine revelations,
the fluidity of poetic verse,
voices locked inside a vault,
heard by the saints with a key
but not the seeker who
opens it only through
deep meditation
when it becomes available,
but sometimes not,
sometimes it comes
from nothing at all,
a showering of words
onto random surfaces like
a rain that falls onto
an already flooded street,
or a poem that falls
onto a casual stranger
looking for a place to sit
with his mind focused
on terrestrial thoughts
with no idea what to do with it,
but for the seeker an epiphany,
a look into the loving universe,
a vision of the home of the saints,
the nocturnal sky perforated
by starry flashes and arrows,
the new dawn of a new mind,
a new rain upon a new shoulder,
a prose unheard and unexplained
from the opening of the vault,
the words from the high heaven,
from the voices in hiding
in their random falling.

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