Big, Big Lou, the wham bam man,
From all around the damn lamb ran.
Browntown Mountain and all around,
Sound to ground, the big brown hound.
Big, Big Lou with a barrel of rum,
Rum for breakfast and some for fun,
Hung a grizzly and ate him on the run,
Some fun in the sun ‘til day was done.
Then he saw Lulu, his new, new Lulu,
Lulu with the tutu and the big, big booboos,
“Come to Lou for a kissy poo poo, Lulu.”
Big, Big Lou is now Kissy Poo Poo Lou.
Big, Big Lou is not so big now.
Lulu cut him down to size.
“Wild grizzlies up there,
It’s safe to come out now.
Big, Big Lou is now
Little Kissy Poo Poo Lou.”

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

Glad you liked it, Nelson. I hope the publisher likes it also.

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

Hilariously poo poo! I could see Lou Lou drowning in Lulu’s big booboos!
This is a coffee spiller! :-)) Love. Thanks Robert, I was indeed entertained!

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Nelson D Reyes

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