The iron arms of tragedy,
a paradox of strength and infirmity,
builders and destroyers of character,
lodged inside the flesh and soul,
the teeth of the hidden devil
at home in his new home,
his paradise built from the ugly virus,
from missiles that hit the target,
his mission accomplished,
his heavy stain on the human heart,
his wounds hitting the bottom
with no where else to go,
starting on an upward trend,
on a convalescent journey
with his strength leaking into the soul,
becoming fused with the good,
the Godly, the all powerful,
the devil’s heedless rebuilding
in progress,
leaking into the spirit,
the epicenter of mankind,
the heartener of a new spirit,
a new spirit to replace the old,
the building blocks of
the house of the future,
the paradise of the worthy ones
who earned their good fortune
from overcoming
the strength of the devil
and his unknowingly
segue to paradise,
the house of the future.

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Nelson D Reyes
11 months

Never look back! Straight ahead we go to our novel garden of Eden.
Faith is all we got to a resurrection. Faith in the goodness of man and the benevolence of the Almighty.
We got this! A St Michael moment in history this one is.
Love and fave. Thanks Robert

Robert L. Martin
Robert L. Martin
11 months

Thanx Nelson.

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