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Way To Go Kid

Way To Go Kid
Giants twenty three, Cowboys twenty eight.
Ten seconds to go in the game.
A play action run to freeze the linebackers,
Then a fade pattern to the post to Jones,
Walk on rookie tight end.
Touchdown, as he wrestled
The ball away from McCarthy, all pro safety.
Giants twenty nine, Cowboys twenty eight.
After the game on Jones being questioned
Amid a swarm of T.V. reporters
“Donnell tweaked a hamstring so
Coach Coughlin told me to get ready.
My palms were soaked in sweat.
The lump in my parched throat
Was the size of a buffalo.
My heart beat like a raging lunatic.
The voices in my head were saying
You can do it kid, you got the spirit.
You are a giant among the Giants.
You own the Cowboys, especially today.
On the last play of the game
I blocked the tackle coming in, then
Pretended I was out of the play.
Then I drifted into the end zone
On a fade pattern. Then I
Wrestled the ball away from McCarthy.”
Then he went on to say,
“To believe in yourself is to give the
Spirit within you a chance to flourish.
It is the spark seeking the flame,
 The flower seeking the sun and rain,
The sky seeking the moisture from below,
The night seeking the dawn,
The heart seeking the voice within, and the
Voice standing on its own hallowed ground.”

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