Freakin’€™ at the Freaker’€™s Ball

Come on, baby, grease your lips,
Put on your hat, and shake your hips.
And don’€™t forget to bring your ships.
We’€™re goin’€™ to the Freakers Ball.
Shake your mojo, bang your gong,
Roll up somethin’€™ to take along.
Feels so good that it must be wrong
Freakin’€™ at the Freakers Ball.
All the fags and dykes, they’€™re boogyin’€™ together
Leather freaks all dressed in leather.
The greatest of the sadists and the masochists, too,
Screamin’€™ 'You hit me’ and 'I’€™ll hit you’.
F.B.I. dancin’€™ with the junkies.
All the straights swingin’€™ with the funkies
'€™Cross the floor and up the wall.
Freakin’€™ at the Freakers Ball.
Hard hats and long hairs lovin’€™ each other.
Brother with sister, son with mother.
Smear my body up with butter.
Take me to the Freakers Ball.
So pass that roach, pour the wine.
I’€™ll kiss yours and you’€™ll kiss mine.
I’€™m gonna boogie til I go blind.
Freakin’€™ at the Freakers Ball.
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