I love you too

You were perfect from the minute I saw you.
You were different from all the others.
Flaws painted your portrait so beautifully.
You always had so much to say.
Sometimes you would really iratate me with
your spontaneous speeches.
You never showed me what I needed to see.
Yet I saw beauty and I didn’t even know.
Beauty as you have never seen it before.
I mean something so flawless it glistens in the
dark with no colour as it glows.
Even with no colour you added some colour to
my pale smile and everyone knows.
I mean I started to blossom as soon as you took the spotlight.
I had absolutely no colour left to show.
I was as empty a soul as you could possibly find.
My butterflies had no wings, my flowers no smell
and my makeup no colour.
They looked right through my emptiness my palettes
filled with blank.
They saw it all, my naked soul and they knew.
They’ve all known about my rawness as did you.
Yet you still took it, and  resculptured my empty
Colour into Gold.

This is for you Ash

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