...and this is why

I Lie to you, I lie to him and I lie to myself.
I was not chasing wealth.
Showing up and leaving that town at last.
I had to leave, I could not stay and had to do it fast.
I ran as much as I could.
Nobody understood.
How a girl could leave her mother’s house and never set a foot.
That town had nothing more to give then dying in my sins.
I would never win.
The claws that kept me ever so tight had finally cut me loose.
Mother would not let me go but it was myself I had to choose.
This town, this vicious beast that swallowed all it brewed.
Nasty as ever, I always would refuse
...and now I sit and lie to you about why I came here.
When you need deliverance from some kind of bad greasy fear.
You too would leave and lie about why you came here.

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Shemené Kok
over 5 years

Thank you so much. I appriciate the warm welcome. I have not had much inspiration. I think I am back now.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Hi Shemene I'm glad you are back again. I missed reading your poems. I like this one very much.


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