God have mercy.

Even though you’re in pain they want to hurt you.
See it’s cause they’re nothing else but humans.
Even though you’re in danger they would destroy you.
It’s cause there’s nothing more to them.
Vile as ever, born in sin.
They flaunt gold and silver while you’re hungry and cold.
It’s no secret that pure selfish never gets old.
They live and they learn and they eat and they lie and they...
We know they are what they are.
I’m ashamed.
Cause I am what they are too.

The Human, one evolved so much that it's taken rodent form.

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over 3 years

Sadly half the country don't have regards for the other half. And vice versa

Shemené Kok
over 3 years

Yeah its a shame that there has to be ones that do not have any sort of regard for others.

Robert L. Martin
over 3 years

They're sure some bad ones, alright


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