Silence my darling, stay as long as you please.

I’v come to think about these things.
These things in my surroundings.
Silence is most beautiful of them all.
I often hear her in the ticking of my wristwatch.
I think about her and I miss her so when she’s gone.
See I know she misses me too.
Her favourite type of thing to do is to help me think things through.
Well even though silence is wonderful there are other things too.
Things I often take for granted.
Things I need too.
Things I often don’t see or hear or ever do.
That’s my point,  see she brings all that out to me.
I like these things I think about and sometimes I don’t.
If she decides to stay too long  she might steal my sanity.
Yet I feel so comfortable whenever she’s near.
Peace and quiet, that’s what she calls herself.
Now I fall asleep in silence, my everlasting love.

I like peace, I like hearing nothing but the ticking of my wristwatch. It helps me think and it helps me breath easier. It helps me stop time and travel in time and feel time, and make time for myself. We are so easily drained by the poeple in our lives. All we really need is a Little bit of focus on ourselves. Whether it's spiritual or just a little bit
Of self-love.

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Shemené Kok
quasi 4 anni

Wish that I could have seen the sight of you. You sound like and interesting thinker. Thank you for always commenting on my poems, you know most of these poems relate to my life and surroundings. It really is nice when you comment!
You're one great poet Sir and I do adore your work.

Robert L. Martin
oltre 4 anni

I treasure every moment of silence I can get.

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Barb Clarke

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