The winter leaves are falling
To the ground; last of the dead.
Spring brings out a new revival
To the life on Gaia’s head.
And you know, it’s a trip
The way life takes you;
throws you back and forward.
You can’t complain
That things are always the same;
We’re just apples in her orchard
Oh, the love flares high in the meadows;
It blinds your eyes, brings new surprise
And color to a world of grays and whites.
Run along; find your heart again
And now you run along; and now you find your heart again
You keep on growing on; but now you’ve found your youth again.


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alrededor de 5 años

Hey C. Knappe!
I just came back after a half year absence, I'm beyond joy to see my works still give you the same happy feelings they once did. :)

C. Knappe
más de 5 años

I feel my spirit resonating within this poem, many facts a folly have I felt in these here days, but your work brings joy to my heart. Pleasure to read, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful piece. I feel honoured to have read it.

Chaoticka Wild
casi 8 años

Fantastic! Made me strangely nostalgic.


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