Met with daybreak, I came to scream
Towards the pollution fogging up my dreams.
Ichor splashing through my head;
Noir painted black and red.
What could be held responsible
For this invasion of my temple?
Personify out of the unknown;
A demon’s borne, so I’m not alone.
Nix horse, I’m a falling leaf;
You gallop rough through hidden grief
In your reckoning that I can’t pretend
To justify or comprehend.
How do we come to exorcise
Pieces of ourselves, dressed in disguise?
As a villain, what’s your claim;
Is it deadly wisdom or another sick game?
Nix horse, terror deep inside;
I face you head on, better than to hide.
But in my strength, you shatter me still;
How does one battle with their own will?


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