What did you do?
You came and took the lid off once,
You know I never forgave you.
What is there to say?
The echoes of the consequence
Still haunt me to this very day
Oh well;
Another one I’ve wasted looking for a waste of time,
Another flake of skin I’ve tasted, blurring another line.
These subtle games, these dangerous claims we like to make and play
Spill out from the jar we pour on ourselves
While we blink and pretend that it’s okay,
Oh well;
Take up my shoes and walk, call it making something of myself;
A fool, a coward, and a liar
You’d never know what I desire, and maybe that’s alright
But it isn’t.
Let’s not talk about what it’s about, take it with a shot of sin
It came out from a bottle like this, I’ll bet it found the way back in;
Oh well.


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Cory Garcia
almost 7 years


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