From the parent body, into the open sea;
Swiftly flowing rivers are we.
Collecting precious burdens from the shoreline on the go,
Taken beating from the rain, it’s only cause to grow.
Does the aqua heed the call
Of science, nature, superb or flaw?
Content in moving forward, it’s an idle game to know
Until the end of time, simply seek to flow
Perchance to mingle, gathering
Until drought reshape the land again
Dries up, dying slowly away
Could be the end to an otherwise bright day
But as the water still exists, so to does the journey
Until we reach the end of things, wherever it may be
Brought amongst the clouds, we’re dropped back randomly
Oh swiftly flowing rivers are we.


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over 7 years

i'll have to go look when I get the chance

Amanda Laughman
over 7 years

I have more poetry I just posted.

Cory Garcia
over 7 years



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