Look! A rising star is born!
Beautiful face, lovely smile,
Happy and laughing, full of innocent joy!
Let’s take them and teach them how to dream that we may raise them high on hopes
Let them learn to aspire, to want, to need; let their eyes fall only on the future .
And my, look at the shining star we’ve made!
Hope and success; potential unending;
We’re so proud of our young doll!
Let’s take them out into the world and leave him there to die; that they may learn strength.
Let them fall in love and lose, that they may know despair.
We taught them how to dream; holding onto visions that they may escape reality.
Look again! Look at them squirm! Look at them writhe! Look at them learn! Isn’t life a beautiful thing?
So bright, what happened to your light? We can’t live without, give it to us, give us more! We raised you to make it, it’s time we take our due!
Look at last, here is our star;
Yellow teeth, dead eyes, devious smile
Skeleton of a body; husk of hollow emotions
A monster like the rest of us; they grow up so fast.
Let’s have another.


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james matthew coleman
over 7 years



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