What happened to you;
What are you gonna do?
Will you sit and stare at the screen
Until the light consumes you?
Swept away happiness;
Threw out childlike bliss
Tried too hard to keep things sharp;
Worked it too rough and the eyes are dull.
Create your acts of outstanding kindness;
Inside they mean nothing .
When you stand on top of the world, successful
All you’ll hear is a distant ring;
And wonder where reflection went wrong.
Don’t let it fall now,
You act too tall now;
Keep your head in the sky
But inside you’re looking down.
You’re bred to smell fear,
Confused, it’s always near.
The image sickens me
Every time I catch the mirror.
How can the hero save the day
When the old man drags them down?
Do you dwell in bitterness,
Do you like to frown?
And can you break away;
Can you rise up and say
“I’ve tired of brooding and breeding
Senseless hate”?
Pray, will you stay awhile?
Learn to keep up the smile.
Grow thickness to your skin
Or you will break down;
Clean the smoke from the glass, watch the reflection change.


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Cory Garcia
over 7 years



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