Growing up,
Chest held strong;
Big man on the block
Righting the wrongs
'Till another argument comes along.
Wrapped up,
Feeling small;
Breath held tight
Details on the wall
Become so solid, crystal clear.
Too many plans
And too many hands
Up in the air,
But life is so grand
Then it’s tumbling down
'Till he puts on his smile again.
He held the whole world in the glare of his eye
And the realities therein made him cry
Deep inside, but he kept himself firm
Stuck in a stance
That failed the long-term
Stubborn, he was
No time to fold in
Supposed to protect
All of his kin
They numbered so large, but he shrugged off the doubt
Kept them standing tall
As he wore himself out
And it never held on for long
And he waited
For the chance to grow thicker skin
It was the only course
He wouldn’t do himself in
But redemption seemed so far away.


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