Sitting on the side,
Waiting for the dust to settle down
So I can see the view
We’ve built, the beauty
We’re planning.
You fill a deep void
That I’m better without;
And I can see I’m as much for you.
It’s like two pieces come to one,
Puzzling, how we have to solve
And fit closer together
But I would not give up a thing;
You make me so very happy.
We get into fights,
We scream and we yell;
Sometimes our view of heaven
Can turn quickly into hell.
But we love each other
All the same,
And that’s a fact
I dare not try and change.
Can it be it’s all a game
Of worth? If so I name my destiny
After you;
To be in a dark tunnel, one must find their way to light;
Platinum like locks that drape when I look in front of me
And smile away;
Sure, I’ll play.
When it comes unto the end,
For all the struggles that we will have had
I’ll turn my had, smile, be glad
To see
Your familiar body laying next to me.
Our union’s of a human kind;
It’s not perfect, but I don’t mind
Just so long as we still watch the sun
Shine over our day;
What do you say?


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Isaac Eustice
almost 7 years

Platinum like locks that drape... < Gold

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Perfectly imperfect... its a wonderful thing :) Love this!

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