There was a sadness in your voice;
It’s strength still echoes to me.
You’re a seasoned veteran
Of things you never wanted to be.
The quiver of your eyes
Belies the pain,
But the glimmer deep inside
Says you can be happy again.
Paranoid and scared,
Brought up and trained.
You need something in your life
To take it all away.
But now
You’re left to wander;
It’s everything we never wanted to see
And now
We’re torn asunder;
Would it have changed anything
If we’d had this dance any differently?
The murmur of your cry,
I hear it still;
Depression’s never shy
To what it kills.
Took the happiness out of you,
And you from me;
Will our hearts beat close again?
It’s hard to see
The path
That we’re tripping along;
The destination drowns out everything, and
Now, you must wander
Until you tire and give up
On running.


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presque 8 ans

I just saw this; thanks Leigh!

Leigh Range
presque 8 ans

Tristan, I like this one very much! It shows the wounds and uncertain paths. Excellent!

presque 8 ans

Thanks James!
Guess I've been on a creative streak lately.

james matthew coleman
presque 8 ans

yeah, me too.

presque 8 ans

Thank you Julia; it's about someone very important to me so it's good to hear I got it right.

Julia W
presque 8 ans

I love this :)

presque 8 ans

Thanks Cory!

Cory Garcia
presque 8 ans


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