Where Do We Go Now?

You cut me;
Deeper than any blade,
You burned a hole in my body
And the bullet still remains.
Under the web of trust,
I reach towards the ceiling; broke and furious.
Higher ground I used to walk,
But now I’m left fallen on the floor;
Where do we go now?
Like an ignorant baby;
I cling towards the one
Who threw me down, and my body
Moves beyond its will.
Can I make the sky again;
Clean my oiled wings?
Will we be a part again,
Or has the whole ceased to be?
I hold on;
I hold on to my beliefs
That maybe one day things won’t be the same.
Through your work; you are set free.
The chains remain, what happened;
Where’d they put the key?
And where do we go now?


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Cory Garcia Aleksandr Lütz
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