The Beauty of a Moment's Mystery

I pulled some hazy recollection
From the well in which contained
The ripples of some desired selection
The memory where I remained
For there was a moment, fleeting
When the incessant flood of musing
Ceased in heart’s rhythm, beating
In the eyes where I was fusing
And in that sacred instant
Time ceased its melancholy tune
For every time that I felt distant
(A pale and wearied moon)
A single look all but desisted
Nature’s indifferent ways
And not an ounce of me resisted
The exploration of her gaze
Various parts obscurely resembled
The ocean of an inner dwelling
In all the ways you have assembled
Such currents are impelling
With a lingering compunction
Such jewels hath shed a light
To set upon some healing function
As the fuses of thought ignite
Lapping waves pulled me within
A swirling iris of green
Traversing beyond the veil of skin
And every space between
There was a moment, fleeting
When the flesh of identity touched me not
It hid itself within a greeting
And bid itself be forgot
But it shall be written upon the stars
That lean to kiss those emerald eyes
It shall live on by the strings of guitars
And the lyrics of a poet’s reprise
It shall live on if yet exhumed
The origin forgotten in history
For I, myself, am completely consumed
By the beauty of a moment’s mystery


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